Thursday, 5 July 2012

Royal Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Going to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Show with open shoes was perhaps not the best thing to do. When I went, my feet got cold and damp and I was very tempted to buy a pair of wellies from one of the many gardening stalls. Hopefully the weather will improve before the event closes on 8 July, so that when you go, you’ll be able to wear sandals…
This year’s event is sponsored by Ecover, which is exhibiting a Show Feature that takes inspiration from the firm’s new packaging, Plant-astic, which is made entirely from sugar cane. Tom Domen, Innovations Manager at Ecover says: “Ecover stands for making the cleverest usage of plants. We are dedicated to making highly effective products that are kinder to people and nature.”
Last year the company introduced its new Plant Plastic bottles across the product range, which was an industry first. Fifteen hectares of sugar cane can produce all the material needed for a year’s supply of Ecover bottles. As well as using plant materials for packaging, Ecover products have always been developed and manufactured using sustainable and biodegradable plant-based and mineral ingredients. They really are a must in my kitchen!
Other environmentally conscious exhibits at this year’s show include a garden designed by Tony Smith which questions whether it is possible for us to manage the rainforests in a way that benefits everyone.
The show also features ‘The Bee House and Garden’, a collaboration between the British Beekeepers Association, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the RHS, which celebrates the way in which nature and gardens combine to create a honey pot for bees. The feature demonstrates how to make one’s garden bee-friendly. There are also a number of impressive show gardens, including the Discover Jordan Garden and the Badger Beer Garden.  
Unfortunately, I was at the flower show for only an hour – although I managed to spot Princess Alexandra and Moira Stuart (not together) – and so didn’t see all the delights. Judging by the many attendees, they all had smiles and were enjoying the experience. So, if you’re stuck for something to do until 8 July, a visit to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is well worth a visit.
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Image: Anneliese Dianthus by Darcy & Everest © The Royal Horticultural Society
Sharon Garfinkel is Marketing & PR Manager at The Resurgence Trust.

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