Tuesday, 15 May 2012

In It Together

Turns out I have a sister I didn't know about. Not only that but she lives just down the road. We have the same parents but up to now have led relatively separate lives. Interestingly despite this I was intrigued to discover we share many of the same values. This sister in question is another charity – The Resurgence Trust.

The charity I represent is the Yarner Trust nestled away on the Atlantic Coast on the border of North Devon and Cornwall and about 10 miles from The Resurgence offices in Hartland. The biggest surprise to me was that I am in fact a little sister and not a husband, son or brother that I'd been led to believe for the past 33 years. I thought I'd been making a good play of things as a bloke – culminating most recently as a hedge laying, coppicing and firewood-chopping caretaker at the Yarner Trust.

Resurgence has 12 years on Yarner (which is in fact exactly the same age as me and anything else starting things off in1978), and we met this week to discuss ways of working together to promote various ways of ethical living. Both charities were conceived by the Dartington Trust and following a couple of sit-downs recently we have some interesting plans on the cards ranging from a 110mile walk around London to a joint nature writing competition and a regular blog from Yarner to feature on this website. Well that's the blog done, I best go for a walk.

Jon will be doing a sponsored walk along The Green London Way, 28 May – 2 June 2012. More information here.

Jon Every is a botanist, working as Care Taker and Education Officer at The Yarner Trust

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