Friday, 26 August 2016

Flying the flag for a greener future

Help Resurgence celebrate 50 years at our festival in Oxford next month!

Leading figures from the environment, peace and social justice movements prepare to gather at Worcester College in Oxford for Resurgence’s One Earth, One Humanity, One Future festival next month (22nd -25th September) celebrating our 50th anniversary and setting out a new vision for a more sustainable future.  Please join us if you can and be part of the conversation! 

Famously described by The Guardian as the “spiritual and artistic flagship of the green movement”, Resurgence – published as Resurgence & Ecologist since 2012 – started life in 1966 as a radical fringe magazine and has gone on to become the leading voice for some of the crucial environmental issues of our times.

The lineup of speakers includes Craig Bennett (Friends of the Earth), John Sauven (Greenpeace), David Nussbaum (WWF), Caroline Lucas (Green Party), HRH The Prince of Wales (delivering a video address), Mark Goldring (Oxfam), Jonathon Porritt (Forum for the Future), Jeremy Leggett (Solar Century),  Tim Smit (Eden Project), American environmental activist Bill McKibben,  Dame Fiona Reynolds, Tony Juniper, filmmaker David Puttnam, Rowan Williams, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, MP Andrew Mitchell, and ‘Earth Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar - who edited Resurgence for 43 years and continues to manage the Resurgence Trust,  the educational charity which publishes the magazine and its two websites.   

Satish Kumar, renowned for his many long-distance walks for peace and environmental causes, will be making a 50-mile pilgrimage to the festival, travelling from the source of the Thames to Oxford, arriving on Wednesday 21st September. 

Satish and Greg Neale, his successor as Editor-in-Chief at The Resurgence Trust, said:  “Over three days of lively dialogue, discussion, talks, performances and celebration, many outstanding ecological, environmental and political thinkers, plus artists, poets and spiritual leaders, will celebrate 50 years of Resurgence, and share their passion, ideas and inspiration for building a more sustainable world for the 50 years to come.”

Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva, who will address the causes of climate change at the festival’s launch event, said: “For the past 50 years, Resurgence has been championing the interlinked causes of sustainability, social justice and respect for Nature. Now the time has come to design a new way of life and economy, so that we can sustain human existence without harming the Earth.”

The festival talks, panel sessions and lively debates, will be interspersed with stirring arts performances, including traditional Indian dance by Nilpah Shah, a performances by the Dragon School’s Idris Choir, and poetry from Simon Armitage, Matt Harvey and US rapper and activist, Prince Ea.  

Michael Morpurgo, former children's laureate, whose books famously inspire children to discover and cherish nature, and who is also appearing at the festival, said:  “Now more than ever it matters that we look after our planet, that we feel the belonging that leads to a sense of both wonder and responsibility.  Thank you to Resurgence for providing this One Earth, One Humanity, one Future festival as a platform for us to tell the story.”

Held in partnership with Oxfam, UPLIFT and Network of Wellbeing, the One Earth, One Humanity, One Future festival will critically highlight the importance of respecting and caring for our Earth and all its living creatures and plants as a vital first step to inspiring real and lasting sustainable change.    

For more information about One Earth One Humanity One Future, visit:

More Information about Resurgence: Resurgence & Ecologist magazine and its two websites ( are published by The Resurgence Trust, an educational charity (no. 1120414) which promotes ecological sustainability, social justice and spiritual values. For details of how to become a member of The Resurgence Trust, and receive six magazines a year, visit our membership page, or contact the Trust: 01208 841824. To order the latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist (Sept/Oct 2016) in print or pdf format, visit:

Will Gethin is a freelance journalist and Founder of Conscious Frontiers

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