Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Music for Change - Resurgence & Ecologist joins Neil Young on tour

We’re very excited that Neil Young has invited Resurgence & Ecologist to join his tour of Britain and Ireland this week, helping to spread his environmental message – the tour starts in Belfast on Tuesday (7th June).

Resurgence & Ecologist will be part of the extensive ‘Global Village' of activists accompanying Neil Young’s tour, which has already toured the US with the veteran singer, and which will be a feature at the UK/ROI gigs this week in Belfast (SSE Arena, 7 June), Dublin (3 Arena, 8 June), Leeds (First Direct Arena, 10 June) and London (O2 Arena, 11 June), before continuing across France and Europe.

Neil Young's new album, The Monsanto Years, showcases the Canadian singer-songwriter's longstanding concerns for environmental issues, including the dangers of GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) and corporate power. It features songs exploring such topics as global hunger, pesticides and ecology as well as highlighting issue ranging from climate change and renewable energy to social justice, endangered species and ocean conservation. The tour, which is supported by Californian rock band, Promise of the Real, will also promote Neil’s new live album, Earth.

In the Global Village, we will join many other respected local and international green campaigners and organisations on the tour - such as Beyond GM, Friends of the Earth and Sustain - who have been invited to share their materials and messages at Neil’s gigs.

One of the few musical artists to have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame twice, Neil Young has been blazing a light on political and environmental issues through his music for decades. His song ‘Ohio’ – written during his days with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – was a condemnation of the shooting of four students at Kent State University in 1970 during anti-war protests. More recently he has protested against the tar sands projects in Canada, made a stand for the rights of indigenous peoples, and initiated a boycott of Starbucks until they stop supporting Monsanto’s bid to block GMO labelling in the United States.

Neil Young explains the Monsanto dilemma that fuelled his album and the tour: "The Monsanto Years are here and we are living them. Monsanto is the poster-child for what is wrong with corporate controlled government in our world. The Monsanto Years encompasses several associated subjects that millions of people worldwide are concerned about and active in. Earth is not ours. We are of the Earth. That's how I feel. When we plunder our own home we hurt our children and their children after them. I feel responsible."

Neil Young has also recently launched a resource website, GoEarth.org, to support people wanting to live a greener life, based around the activities of the Global Village.

“We’re delighted that Resurgence & Ecologist is joining Neil Young’s UK tour and quest to create more environmentally conscious world,” says Charris Ford, Neil Young’s Environmental Campaign Manager.  “Like Neil, both Resurgence and the Ecologist have been at the forefront of the green and social  justice movements for decades – and since the two magazines merged in 2012 – they have provided a strong united voice in the call for a more just and resilient future.” 

The Global Village comprises of six themed tents focussing on six different activist topics:  GMOs, Earth Ecology, Energy & Climate, Freedom & Justice, Future of Farming, and News You Can Trust. Attending fans will have the opportunity to talk with organisation representatives to learn valuable information about the most pressing ecological and social issues facing our planet today.

Resurgence & Ecologist will be featured in the 'News You Can Trust' tent, along with fellow green publications including Permaculture, Positive News, Peace News and Earth Island Journal. We’re very grateful for this opportunity to communicate some of our shared ideals and messages for a more sustainable and fairer world to a wider audience via this tour.  This year – 50 years since Neil co-founded Buffalo Springfield in 1966 - Resurgence celebrates its own 50th birthday.  So like Neil, we were among the early campaigners for the sort of environmental and social issues that have become so relevant and critical today.

Do look out for Resurgence & Ecologist If you come to any of Neil Young’s gigs in Belfast, Dublin, Leeds or London - copies of the magazine will be available in the Global Village and we’ll also have a stand and reps from the magazine at the Belfast and London gigs who will be delighted to tell you more about the magazine and the wider work of The Resurgence Trust and answer any questions. We look forward to seeing those of  you that make it on the road!

Details of Neil Young’s European tour dates can be found here.

The Letter from America is an open letter from citizens of the US to citizens of the UK and the rest of Europe warning of the risks of GMOs. It was signed by groups and individuals – and celebrities- representing more than 60 million Americans and has been translated into eight languages.

Resurgence & Ecologist magazine and two websites: Resurgence and The Ecologist are published by The Resurgence Trust, an educational charity (no. 1120414) which promotes ecological sustainability, social justice and spiritual values.

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